Mathematical Annotations in PDF Part II – Introducing pdfnoter

In my last post I presented a way to make annotations to a pdf document using LaTeX and the ingenious pdf tool pdftk. While the procedure I described served its purpose,  it was quite tedious and not really practical.

But there is hope: caks, after I contacted him about my solution, went ahead and greatly simplified the procedure by scripting it. Please visit his Github page for the latest version of his pdfnoter. All you need to know is described there.

He’s also not stopping there. Ultimately, we want to have some kind of GUI, maybe even an extension to a pdf viewer, so that annotations can be, in fact, TeXed directly into your document. Currently caks is working on making the installation of the pdfnoter more convenient. Look out for further updates and posts!

If you have any comments and suggestions on the project you can also post them here. Any kind of input would be greatly appreciated!


One Comment on “Mathematical Annotations in PDF Part II – Introducing pdfnoter”

  1. caks says:

    Hello Felix. It took me a while, but I finally got a GUI annotator for PDF files. It *is* version 0.1, but I thought you’d appreciate trying out the alpha version.

    Annotating directly on PDFs the way we were doing before just isn’t good enough for large notes. Creating native annotations is also impossible with the current state of technology. That’s why I opted for a solution akin to Okular’s (it’s a PDF viewer for Linux): create an XML file with the note contents and read that.

    So that’s what I’m doing. I’m using the same format as Okular too, so you can open the LaTeX code in Okular as a note, if you wish.

    The installation instructions are here:

    I frankly don’t know if it will install in Windows… I tested in 32-bit XP and it worked, but in 32-bit Windows 7 it didn’t. For Linux, it works pretty well, and I even hacked up a small install script.

    Needless to say, the program is still very bare-bones, but I’ve been successfully using it for the past week. I was only working on it on my free time, but I hope to get more done during vacations. I’m also getting some friends to test it and give me feedback, so I can improve it for version 0.2.

    The way I’ve been using it is: open a PDF, create notes, save an XML file. When I need to open the PDF again, I open the PDF and then open the XML file.

    Try it out and let what you think! I hope it works on your machine 🙂

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