Introduction to Sumatra – Automated tracking of scientific computations

I gave a seminar on how I use Sumatra as an “automated lab-notebook” for my computational research. These slides are tutorial to Sumatra and detail how to get started:


Berlin11 Satellite Conference – Outcomes

Important: The recordings are now available at the conference website!

The Berlin11 Satellite Conference for Students and Early Stage Researchers took place on November 18th, 2013. Not being able to attend, I only watched some parts of the livestream broadcast, relying on the promise that video recordings of the presentations will be posted shortly after the conference. Three months after the event and after a month of unsuccessfully trying to get a statement from the organizers on whether there’s still any chance to see the videos, I realize that neither recordings, nor any other outcomes of the meeting will be published. It’s hard for me to understand how a conference on Open Access ends up portraying exactly the closed and inaccessible behaviour, that the concept of Open Access itself is trying to battle.

So I decided to do something about it. Following the example of the Beyond the PDF2 conference, I’m trying to compile an outcomes page with any resources, summaries and reports to the conference I can find. I’m hoping that eventually I would be able to collect at least the presentations of all speakers. So far I’m 4 out of 9 and I want to thank those presenters for making their slides accessible to everyone who couldn’t attend the conference. Thank you!


Jack Andraka:
Carl-Christian Buhr: Making EU Open Access Policies Work (Slideshare)
Heather Joseph: Open Access Update (direct download)
Iryna Kuchma:
Cameron Neylon:
Ulrich Pöschl:
Bernard Rentier:
Alek Tarkowski: From Open Access to Open All (Slideshare)
Mike Taylor: Towards universal Open Access: what we can do about it, and who should do it. (blog post, direct download)

Reflections and Summaries:

Open Access Working Group: Recap of the Berlin 11 conference: the call for a change in scientific culture becomes stronger (blog post)
Open Access Button: The Open Access Button Launch Roundup (blog post)

Please help! If you have access to any resources, presentations, summaries from the Berlin11 Satellite Conference, anything that you think could contribute to this list, please contact me and I will add it here.


EDIT1 (Feb 22, 2014): There’s good news! One of the organizers of the conference contacted me and explained the situation. Audio recordings of the talks will be published soon (1-2 weeks). I’m also hoping that all presentations will be posted and will link from here once the official site has been updated.

EDIT2 (May 7, 2014): Almost three months after my conversation with the organizers about recordings of the talks, neither audio nor slides have been officially posted. I still feel strongly about this topic and I realize that the good intentions of the organizers to make the talks publicly available was (is?) present. For now I hope that in planing potential future events the “post-production” will be considered as in important part of the conference, as it is for those not being able to attend in person the best opportunity to still participate.

EDIT3 (August 7, 2014): The recordings have been posted! You can find them at the conference website. This is fantastic and I hope that with OpenCon 2014, a follow-up event to the successful satellite conference in Berlin, coming up, quite some people might be interested in going back and listening to these talks!