An outline of quantum mechanics

Hearing my first quantum mechanics lecture in summer 2009, I was incredibly confused with the concepts presented to me. Probability, operators, eigenspectra, uncertainty – all these ideas were in the room, but I couldn’t arrange them into a coherent picture.

The first ray of hope of bringing structure into my understanding of quantum mechanics was buying and reading Leslie E. Ballentine’s book, Quantum Mechanics – A Modern Development. After having heard a one year lecture on the operator algebraic methods of quantum mechanics in 2010, I recently returned to quantum mechanics and reading Ballentine’s book.

Download the pdf.


With this little article I, in a way, summarize my understanding so far. I am not sure if this can be helpful to anyone else, but as the article was written with the intent to be posted online, I want follow through.

Download the pdf and the source code.

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